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Our Take On Venture Capital.

We combine branding experience, operator knowledge, and technology expertise to form a fund to evolve how venture capital value can be delivered to entrepreneurs and investors.

WelinderShi was formed in 2019 built on the premise a superior driver for accelerated growth in startups is branding.

Horse Blinders.

We run our own race.

Trends and hype cycles are always abundant. But to discover real value, we work from the belief you have to see the environment and opportunities around you with a different mindset.

Our background in business has been fueled by our experiences of success and learning how to learn in failures.

The cultures we have grown up within and the lifestyles we have discovered inform how we can find value in the world.

What MOst People See.

What We See.

Skater. Brad McClain. + Photo. DeVille Nunes + Spot. L.E.S.

We invest in those who create value.

Value can come from anywhere, at any age, from any one.

We invest in pre-product, early stage, seed rounds, and contextual opportunities.

Not everyone needs to be a unicorn to deliver success and reciprocate back to those who have supported their journey.

Future Forward.

Currently we are taking another step forward with the premise of creating value to evolve our venture capital model.

We believe in the potential of discovering the next big thing early, but we are adding to our objective, to help build positive cash flow companies and share more value.

We hope to discover entrepreneurs who are seeking capital, resources, and want their culture to be a good fit with our support.