What To Expect.

We wanted more clarity when we were pitching for investment and sharing our process is what we wish we had when pitching venture capitalists.

Our process is comprised of five (05) phases.

"How We Connect" phase 01.

"Follow Up Meeting" phase 02.

"Learn More Meeting" phase 03.

"Due Diligence" phase 04.

"Offer" phase 05.

Each one of the five phase sections will highlight key details specific to questions we ask and what we are looking for from those pitching us.

The process may seem familiar to seasoned entrepreneurs and be a source of onboarding for first-time founders.

"The velocity your company goes through our process is specific to your situation. Each company is on a case-by-case basis."

We have a framework in place which gives you clarity throughout the process.

After each step in the process, your WelinderShi contact will be clear on when you can expect to hear back from us and what "Next Steps" are if we are a good fit to continue.

What We Invest In.

Pre-product, Early, Seed stage, and Contextual Opportunities.

For those we invest in, we will consider follow-on investment on a case-by-case basis.

Not every business needs to be a unicorn but they do have to create value. You can view our Call to Startups to see if you may be a fit.

We hope you find value in learning about our process.