What we will be looking into.

The thought of Due Diligence can bring on anxiety for some, but it is our intention to show our candor in all communications and requests.

Throughout the previous three phases we have been taking notes and already doing some preliminary Due Diligence to move efficiently into our final steps of review.

To better understand what we we are looking into and the rationale behind how we conduct this portion of our process. We are sharing the areas we will be asking questions to validate.


We lead with learning and understanding more about your team. We believe this is where the business positions itself to be successful.


We will be reaching out to contacts you provide us who can share experiences they have from knowing + working with you and your key team members.


Throughout communications with your references, people you have come in contact with and reviewing those findings to better work with you.

Value proposition.

A deeper dive from our end to clearly understand the value proposition(s) you presented.

Numbers, Projections.

To confirm and clarify metrics about what we should focus on from our end to substantiate next steps.


We work from the belief how we communicate with one another during our process is as important as everything else if not more so. How we communicate together demonstrates if we are a good fit for one another.

Background Checks.

Standard checks using a 3rd party service along with OPAC reviews.

"Please understand we have a fiduciary duty to those who trust us to make informed decisions to potentially invest in your company."


The phase of Due Diligence is meant to be a feedback loop. Both sides need to understand and align clearly to move forward and begin what we are supporting is a long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship.

More likely than not, your business will go through more challenges than our Due Diligence process. We want to be a good fit to support you in those times and be a resource in your companies journey.