Ways to Connect.

Not all ways to be introduced to one another are created equal but we strive to make the process clear.

1. Submitting through our web form.

2. Be introduced through one of our portfolio companies.

3. A General Partner introduction.

4. Through a peer-to-peer relationship.

5. Happenstance. We may see each other at an event or in passing.

"Two key elements we are looking to discover, how you are creating value and are we are a good fit for one another."

Pitch Deck Template.

What we are looking for is highlighted within our pitch deck template. It is not mandatory to use our template but we definitely appreciate it when you do.

We prefer to see a pitch deck as a jpg. 1280 pixels wide and as long as it needs to be. A mock-up of what your website could or does look like but with each section providing details to these topics.

1. Hero Section with your idea + value proposition as a headline pitch.

If this were a website how would you capture your visitor with the first thing they see and read?

2. What is the opportunity?

A common question is what is the problem, but it's not always a problem you are solving which creates value. What is the opportunity you have identified?

3. Context of your execution.

What is unique about your approach to the opportunity? How can it be a better option for your end user(s)?

4. Value Proposition Expanded.

What value are you creating? Please go into more detail.

5. Revenue Model.

You may not know what it will be in two years but what is your best concept to generate revenue? How could your revenue model change over time?

6. Adoption + Strategies.

Who would be your first customers? How could your customer profile change or expand over time? What strategies are you planning to use to gain adoption? Instead of a financial projection, what is your adoption projection over time?

7. Timeline.

When did you start? Where are you today? Where will you be if you receive funding this round? What does your next three years look like? *This is not a financial projection.

8. Team.

Who is involved? Full-time, part-time, resources you have? What motivates you to be dedicated to this business?

9. Known Challenges.

What are challenges you know of? How self aware are you about not only the market you entering but the team in which you are executing the business with?

10. What You are looking for.

What are you wanting from an investor? How do you plan on putting your capital to work? Please be candid.

Objective of Pitch Deck.

In our opinion, your only intention from sharing a pitch deck with an investor is to have the pitch result in a request for meeting.

It is that simple.

Your pitch deck opens the conversation and the chances all follow up meetings + due diligence will be foregone by a pitch deck are extremely rare because we have a fiduciary duty to make informed decisions.

The velocity of the process can move faster for some, but we believe the primary focus of your pitch deck is to get a meeting.