Stage Invested.
Ely Tsern, John Tompane, Jonny Farringdon
Fund I

Driven by his own chronic sleep problems and those of a close friend, John Tompane, together with Ely Tsern and Jonny Farringdon, assembled a team of experts based on the fundamental belief that by understanding the biology of sleep, we could better design the technology for it.

The first step was clear: to study and partner with the world’s leading sleep scientists. The problem, we soon realized, was more serious than we imagined — sleep affects the very core of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Solving the problems of sleep, then, would fundamentally change lives.

To develop the new technology for the Bryte sleep solution, we needed to question the conventions of today’s sleep industry. Why, for example, has current sleep technology barely evolved over the last several centuries, even as modern sleep habits have radically shifted in our post-industrial, always-on age? And what if a bed were not simply an adjustable receptacle for sleep, but an active, intelligent, personal catalyst for it?

Designed according to the latest scientific understanding of sleep, The Restorative Bed™ by Bryte measures, learns, tests, and applies what each sleeper needs to improve their restorative sleep. This closed-loop system of continuous feedback deepens and lengthens sleep over time, unlocking the extraordinary benefits of a good night’s sleep that give rise to an even better, more brilliant tomorrow.